Sexual Offender Evaluation
 (Sexual Offender Evaluation (For Adolescent Only
Having worked with a number of both juvenile and adult sexual offenders, I recognize that the evaluation process establishes a foundation to develop a treatment plan and appropriate treatment goals, where necessary. I will utilize a comprehensive approach to risk assessment and evaluation that is grounded in the latest research, as well as, legal and ethical standards. A full case review of current and previous court and mental health evaluations, specialized testing instruments, and a clinical interview will be required to begin our work together. It is important to remember that some individuals may be required to participate in such an evaluation by the court system, while others are concerned about sexual thoughts and behaviors that may be creating difficulty in their lives. In both instances, a report will summarize my findings and will showcase any evidence of the likelihood of criminal sexual behavior.

Target Population and Eligibility Criteria. 
Children and adolescents who have been sexually abused and their families. 
Children and adolescents who are exhibiting sexualized behaviors and have not been adjudicated on any sex offense related charges. 
Adolescents adjudicated on sexual offense charges. 
Non-offending caregivers of children who have been physically or sexually abused