Earning Capacity Evaluations Purposes

Marital Dissolution
  • To get a realistic idea of your own employability and earning potential
  • To obtain an objective, professional assessment of your spouse’s earning potential.​
  • To provide another opinion if your spouse is retaining a vocational expert, or if a vocational evaluation is Court-ordered.
  • To evaluate employability or earning capacity after a change in life circumstances.

Veterans Disability Cases
  • Assist the Veteran or his/her attorney in documenting Total Disability.
  • Evaluate a Veteran as to their ability to perform substantial gainful work activity. 
    • Vocational evaluation consists of four parts:
      • Medical record review
      • Standardized vocational diagnostic interview
      • Work and transferable skills analysis
      • When necessary, testing to make a determination as to the Veteran’s ability to perform gainful work activity.

Personal Injury

  • Perform evaluations for purposes of civil litigation, as an aspect of economic damages.
  • Provide opinions on current medical care costs, vocational and earning capacity, lost present and future earning capacity and cost of other replacement services
  • Provide testimony about the types of jobs an injured victim can do and the effect of an injury on a victim’s ability to perform any type of work.
  • Apply knowledge of the job market and employment trends to support their findings as to the economic harm that the victim suffered due to their injuries.