Court Mandated Counseling
Court Mandated Counseling Services

Being mandated to counseling services can be a scary and anxiety inducing experience. Please know that we are here to help you reach your full potential. You will be given the opportunity to reflect on your decision-making; identify risk factors; and examine social, clinical, and cultural factors that may impact your quality of life. The goal of our time together is to identify and implement behavioral strategies to reduce the risk of recidivism and increase quality of life.

What to expect:

We will conduct an assessment to gather relevant information to understand your unique circumstances. As such, you will need to be prepared to share your story with me and I will ask some clarifying questions. I like to take a holistic approach in my counseling, so I will take into consideration biological, psychological, social, and cultural factors that may contribute to issues such as anger, substance use, mental health concerns and domestic abuse.  After our initial appointment, I can make recommendations regarding further treatment, and (with your consent) can provide a documented report to attorneys, probation officers, parole officers, and/or any others that you authorize.

My personal approach strives to remove the shame associated with the circumstances that lead to court mandated counseling. Together we will develop and implement a plan that rests on a sustainable future. I will advocate for the well-being of the client while balancing the demands of the court. In my counseling sessions, I want you to be genuine and honest about your situation. This way, we can work through stressors and challenges that you face and gain a deeper understanding of the core issues related to your actions. Remembering that many times violence and addition are behaviors chosen due to unhealthy coping mechanism, I will help you to develop a "toolkit" of strategies to face difficult circumstances in a positive manner.

What to bring:

  • Court documents showcasing requirements
  • Attorney, Probation officer, and/or other case official’s contact information
  • Positive outlook. . . Remember, I am here to help you achieve your maximum potentia